Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Explore: Brunswick Street, Melbourne

A friend from Germany, Leyla, came and stayed with my room mates and I in Brunswick, Melbourne.

When visiting Melbourne, I believe you must visit Brunswick Street (located in the suburb Fitzroy), so naturally we took our bikes and cycled down. 

Brunswick St essentially summarises the Melbourne vibe in 1 street. Diverse, quirky and open-minded. From the vegan/ raw to the classic Chinese restaurants, it caters for everyone - rich or poor you will find something that suits your clothing taste or palate.

I personally love Vegie Bar - raw, vegetarian and everything in between, this warehouse turned restaurant is always bustling and certainly delicious. 

For pure value though, you can't look past Bimbos. $4 delicious pizza's between 7pm & 11pm. They have chilli oil available, lather it on, it's amazing. Their chocolate pizzas are sensational, however I suggest holding off your dessert and waiting for N2. 

Bimbos cute roof dining area - below is a bar with tons of couches. 

N2 is an ice cream parlor where they make the ice cream in front of you, using liquid nitrogen. Their ice cream is packed in tight for the best value and most importantly delicious. Their flavours change often, I got the licka below - the salted caramel cream will forever be in my dreams. 

This is an example of the "syringe", and the first ever N2 I ever got!

Brunswick Street is also packed with boutiques, cute caf├ęs and bustling bars, so take the 112 tram or walk from the city and enjoy the adventure!


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